Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Update...with a surprise!

Yes, it's been awhile since the last post, but it's been slow here on the homestead.  Been helping my Bro with his chicken coop, and the weather hasn't been much help to the veg.  Now the weeds, they are loving this weather...oh well.

I finally got around to cleaning up (tilling under) my winter cover crop in the last two 4x4 beds...I let them go seriously long...I had winter wheat forming heads!  I'll have to keep that in mind for a later experiment, but for now, I need those beds for beans!  So with my daughter's help, we got it all tilled in, and weeded.  Then we planted using the BioIntensive plan (big thanks to GrafixMuse for reminding me about Mr Jeavons wonderful words.)  We got about 60 bush bean plants into each 4x4 bed.  This year we planted 4 varieties of bush beans; Tiger Eye, Yin Yang, Canelli Lingott and Cranberry.  The last 3 I grew last year, and had great success, and Tiger Eye is one that came recommended from a former co-worker as a great tasting bean.  I let these dry on the vine, to use in soups, stews, chilis and risottos throughout the winter.

So here are some shots I took this morning of the gardens:

This is a composite shot of the 4 driveway beds I have.

This is Spinach, Beets, and lettuce...lots o' weeds to.  Need to get to this sometime soon.

Peas are coming up, and broccoli and cauliflower have somehow avoided the creepy crawler leaf munchers.

It doesn't look like much, but this is my dedicated asparagus bed, planted this year with 3 year old crowns, I didn't figure to get any asparagus, so overplanted with carrots that are now coming up...sporadically at best.

Lo and behold, Asparagus...SURPRISE!!! 


This bed is 4x8 and holds Pole beans (well the trellis is visible) arrugala, Faba Beans, Zucchini and Cucumbers.

Tomatoes, Red Bell Peppers, Jalepenos, cayennes, and pepperocinis.  A few basil struggling along to fill in some gaps.

I see that I have neglected to snap a photo of the onion bed, but that's okay, something for a later post.  

Now if the weather would just cooperate.  We have had ridiculous 70+ days with 40 something nights that have everything but weeds on hold...Though I do have flowers on the tomato plants, I hope that they are strong enough to bear fruit.

Well, that's the update, hopefully the weather will come around, and the veg will prosper.

Night all.


  1. Your beds are looking great. A bit of warmth and some sunshine will allow your garden to take off.

  2. Way to go bro, getting that done! Saw you working hard out there. Glad you got all those planted. Remember I want to try what you make with those beans!

  3. How come you've been getting 70+ days over there, and we've had 60 and rain over here? That's no fair! My basil plants haven't grown an inch in the last month. Your gardens are looking great.

  4. wow, that's a lot of beans! Great idea to let them dry on the vine, I'll have to try that. And I would LOVE to grow asparagus... where to get some starter plants?! Off to google :)