Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coop Update: Chicks to go out tomorrow!

Well, nice weather has arrived!  Days up to 74, though nights still in the mid 40's though.  The day being nice allowed me to get work done on the Chicken Coop.  I am 97% to 98% done, with just finishing up the gated wire on the bottom front of the coop, and the chickens can move in.  They should be in their castle tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed (which makes typing difficult to say the least....)

Well, here are some photos of the coop;

Got it into position.  Had to put wheels on, as this is one heavy (sturdy too) coop.  Wire is in-place on the back and sides, just need wire on the front, which will be in the form of two gates that lift up to allow access.

My brother (sinfornian) wouldn't take a photo unless I was in it.  Thanks for the help Bro!

This rope closes the trap door that completes the ladder to the lower run, pull it and the door closes.

Now it's open...

and  a pull of the rope closes the door!  The wood around the door is to try to minimize the loss of bedding when the door opens in the mornings...try, try, oh well...

These doors open to access the nesting boxes, and collect the eggs.

The two roosts are in place, and the vent in back is secure.  

These past few days have been long, but the reward is knowing the the chickens have a safe secure coop to sleep in.  It will stand up the worst weather we get here, and stay warm and dry.  The only drawback to this design is the lack of roaming room, yes they lower run is some room, but they need a bit more.  To that end, I am building an ark, 7' by 4' A frame style so that I can move them around the yard, and after harvest the ark will fit nicely over my garden beds.

This is the framing for the arc, after shooting this photo, I put the poultry netting over the to long sides, and one end.  That's when I ran out of daylight, and turned in.

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be nice as well, and I hope to be able to finish up the coop, let the girls roam the lawn out back, and plant some veg, I need to get pole beans, cucumbers and bush beans in the ground.  I was able to put out my first basil starts, and my ground cherries.  The tomatoes, and peppers are flowering, and the melons vining.  All is starting to look like Spring, the bees are buzzing, hummingbirds feasting on the flowers instead of the feeder, blooming happening all, life is good!

Night all

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  1. Bro, I'm so jealous of how well your coop turned out and how you busted it out while I sit paralyzed. The only things I've done I've copied pictures of yours. /sigh.

    Bravo man, hope the girls enjoy their first night in their new c(oop)astle!