Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Update

Well folks, the weather here has turned up at last, June 3rd, and we nearly hit 80 today.  I made sure to get out and water deeply every bed, and I noticed that things are starting to come along nicely.  The pole beans are popping up (peeking I call it, when they aren't fully out, but bending to get out into the open...) the arrugala has sprouted, and the carrots are finally on the way.

I ended up with 4 asparagus, heck they didn't know they were late.  And I have Cantaloupe peeking from the mounds I planted them in.

The tomatoes are all in flower, as are the red bell pepper plants.  The Peas are about 6 inches high now, and found the string on the trellis'.  And the broccoli and cauliflower are taking off, now that warmer weather is around.

The biggest thing that I noticed was that I needed to do some serious weeding.  So I worked on the lettuce/spinach bed, and found that the beets, and swiss chard succumbed to the weeds, and were wiped out.  But Kale managed to survive, and is growing strongly.  I replanted beets in the cleared out area, and hope they will work out (my faith in nature is being restored slowly....)

Now in my weeding, I found 7 Japanese Maple starts (from the mid size tree in my garden area...) and I put those in a pot and watered them...they will go nicely with the 5 Golden Chain Laburnum starts I have from last year.  Saving these up, with an eye to selling them...who says nursery's should have all the fun.

Well, it was such a wonderful day, and I was having so much fun, that I plumb forgot to break out the camera, so no photos today.  Sorry.

I will try to remember my camera tomorrow and Sunday, as I will spend both days at the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup!  I have subscribed to that magazine for years, and now get to attend the festival.  I will get to see a Hero of mine, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, and listen to his lecture.  While I will never be to that level of farming, I hope to do what I can where I am at.

night all


  1. I haven't given my beds much water this year due to my faucet challenges, but may find time tomorrow.

    When is Joel's lecture? Hopefully Sunday or please take notes. Hehe.

  2. It must feel so good to have warmer weather and sun for both you and your garden. Lucky you to be able to attend the Mother Earth News Fair!