Thursday, April 21, 2011


Let me take a moment to share, Thursday is my least favorite day of the week.  I am usually tired, and today was no exception.  But when one tries to homestead, being tired is the last excuse to work.  So, today I got a number of things done, none terribly big, but work it was.

First off, the weather was iffy to say the least.  Sun Breaks, means no sun most of the time.  The weather was around 55 degrees,  but at least it didn't rain.

So,  I took my tomatoes for a walk:

Aren't they cute dressed up in their dollar store pots???

The got about 4 hours out, in the on again off again sun and light wind.  All and all it was good for them (I hope...fingers crossed.)

Then I got out and finished filling in the last of the garden beds I built:

Yes, all my garden beds are in the front and side yards (I live on a corner) and I like this setup.  My house faces South, so that was the primary reason, but now I like that people come up and talk to me, know me as that garden guy; ask me questions, and possibly ask for help in setting up their own gardens.  So far, I have gotten 2 neighbors who previously weren't gardeners, into planting veg!

I also weeded 2 of the 3 original beds, and found that the lettuce is coming up nicely, and the spinach and beets are just starting to pop up! So that just leaves Kale and Swiss Chard as the johnny come lately's (hoping the come soon!)

I realized today, that while I devoted the last post to the girls and their new digs, I didn't update their growth progress.  So I will rectify that here:

This is Rosalina, our Welsummer.  Right now she is the biggest of the flock, and the undisputed Alpha Chick!

This is Hayden, our Golden Laced Wyandotte.  She and Rosalina were hatched 3/21/2011, and Hayden is #2 in the pecking order.

This is Twinkie our Buff Orpington.  She has calmed down since her early days, and has quietly moved into the #3 position.  She has also put on some heft, and is almost as big as Hayden who is one week older.

This is Little Red (more on the name later) our Silver laced Wyandotte.  She is the smallest, and now #4 on the pecking order.  She is the smallest of the flock, and since coming to the new bigger box has been pushing everyone's buttons, to no avail.  This has moved her from #3 to #4 in the flock.  

The name for Little Red came as an epiphany.  In my family, we love playing games, and whoever is in last place, is the little red caboose.  Hence, her name reflects her position; Little Red.

The girls are settling into their new box.  The garden beds are done, and ready for planting.  Now we just need the weather to come around.  But a quick check on the weather shows tomorrow and Saturday as being nice, so the bro and I will likely get a good start on the Chicken Coops before Easter.

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  1. Let's go tomorrow bro! It was great sitting and chatting with you today. You were more productive than I, but I did move the tomatoes down to the garage to be moved out tomorrow morning for a few hours.