Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mea Culpa

I have been a bad bad little blogger....

I have been remiss in my posting.  I have been out and about, working on the homestead, and hording the memories all for my lonesome...I am sorry.

It all started with a well deserved vacation, where my family all went off to Alaska on a wonderful cruise (thanks bro for looking after the girls for me (more on the girls later....)

I didn't write upon my return as my garden had gone completely gonzo while I was gone.  Up in Alaska, it rained just about daily, but here on the homestead it was sunny and in the 80's every day, and the Veg just lapped up the sunlight.

By the time I got the garden under control, I ran into a chicken issue...when I realized I hadn't written about the trip or the garden, and now a major development with the "girls" and wow, was I behind.  So I did what anyone behind on projects does...I ignored it, hoping it would go away....

Yes I know this to be wrong, but my denial ran deep, and only now allows me to say Mea Culpa.

So I am going with the multiple post on the same day attack.  First up is this apology.  2nd will be the Alaska trip.  3rd will be the garden, and last but definately not least, 4th will be the girls.

Again, for those following and felt left out, that was not my intention, and I hope to get caught up here and now.


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